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  • Member may pick one service a day from the service list below: Whole Body Cryo, CryoBlast, Body Compressions, Infrared Sauna, or PEMF.
  • Additional services done on the same day will receive a 50% discount.
  • May receive 50% off the other services that are not covered.
  • May receive and use Membership promos and rewards.

The agreement is for a minimum of 3 months.

This Membership is for an individual only and cannot be shared. Attempts to fraudulently share membership with others under your name will result in the cancelation of your membership without any refund.

Membership value is based on it use. It is not Cryo Me's responsibility if you choose not to use the membership to its full value.

There is no refund or compensation for the nonuse of your membership and sales are final.

Membership does not guarantee services or therapist always at a client's convenience, appointments are recommended.

Service Fees & Discounts

  • 3 Month Price $600
  • Discount Rate - $225
  • Initial Fee Total $125
  • Monthly Auto Fee $199
  • Discount - $74
  • Monthly Auto Fee $125

Terms of Agreement And Renewal

This agreement is for a minimum period of 3 months and will go to a month-to-month agreement. The credit card on file will auto-charge monthly at the end of the 3 month period unless we are notified in writing 30 days in advance.

If you wish to discontinue the service, please notify Cryo Me in writing or by email at We must be notified 30 days before the next billing date.

I understand and hereby authorize Cryo Me to proceed with the membership service and charge the provided credit card.

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I read and signed a liability form on my first visit to Cryo Me.

Cryo Me does not claim responsibility for any injury sustained by failure to comply with the regulations and guidelines listed in the liability form.

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