; FAQ – Cryo Me


A – Clients will check in at the front desk. If this is your 1st visit we will have a short Liability form for you to review and sign.

When it is your turn, you will be taken to a private room to remove your clothing and jewelry. You will put on gloves, socks and shoes. Men must wear underwear. Women may choose to go nude or undress until comfortable. Please, no bras with any underwire. The more skin exposed the better the treatment will work.

You will then step into the private enclosed chamber, close the door and ring the doorbell. The technician will then come in, start your session, and supervise you during your 2 – 3 minute cryo session. Once the session is complete, the technician will leave the room so that you may step out of the chamber and redress.

– We prefer to have you schedule an appointment to ensure time and space, but walk-ins are more than welcome. Walk-ins may have to wait depending on how busy the schedule is that day.

– No, we will provide gloves, socks and shoes. You may bring a swimsuit if you are uncomfortable going in nude or underwear. Men must wear underwear. We ask that clothing worn in the chamber is dry (this includes sweat from work out sessions).

– Aside from variable wait times, most people are in and out in 15 minutes.

– Everyone is different but in most cases you will start to feel the results right after you step out of the chamber. The general opinion is that the morning after your session feels best. More serious conditions require an average of 3 consecutive sessions for desired results.

A – Yes it is cold but should not be painful. The temperatures reach downward to -250F. Legs may “tingle” and the goal is to numb the muscles.

A – The first appointment can take around 15 minutes. The session itself doesn’t take too long but with paperwork and undressing/dressing it can take longer.

A – Because the effects of cryotherapy are different for every client, it will depend entirely on how your body reacts to the session. Typically, most clients feel an increase of energy and flexibility and a decrease of inflammation within the first few minutes or hours. Some clients feel the first impact the next morning after a sleep cycle. Many report noticing a deeper sleep and feeling reduced pain and inflammation during the following 48 hours.

A – No, there is nothing you have to avoid and nothing you should do after your session. Although we suggest to stretch out or stay active. You can exercise immediately after if you want to.

A – No, unless conducted by an untrained technician or if you have a contraindication. The cooling agent, Nitrogen, is in 78% of the air we breathe every day. Our certified technicians running your sessions are fully trained on safety and operational protocols, and are capable of stopping the session if you should want to get out before your session is done. Likewise, there is no lock on the door of the cryochamber, so you can step out at any time. Lastly, our Criomed cryochamber has a 3-minute auto shut off timer.

A– We use Nitrogen to cool the cryochamber to between -170°F and -250°F. The gas hyper cools the air in the chamber.

A – Yes, it is. The length of the session maxes at 3 minutes and our Criomed cryochamber has an auto shut off timer. This short period of time is well within tolerable ranges for the human body.

A – This is very dependent on what your goals are. Most clients who are using it for overall health and wellness receive a cryotherapy session 1-2 times a week. Clients who have an injury, chronic inflammation, and pain come in for cryotherapy sessions 2-4 times a week.

A – No, we do not accept insurance. You can always ask your insurance provider if they can reimburse you, but we do not accept insurance for payment. Some of our clients use their health savings account cards just like a credit card.

A – Yes, you may share the bronze package among as many people as you would like but memberships and groupons can only be used by one person.

A – If you notice that you are not seeing the same results as when you first started, we recommend taking 2 weeks off and then starting over with 1-3 sessions a week. Your body will never become completely used to the effects of extreme cold exposure but the results will seem less intense with prolonged overuse.

A – Yes, a client under the age of 14 cannot use cryotherapy and anyone under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian’s signature. Clients who currently have high/low blood pressure, have had seizures, have a severe case of Raynaud’s syndrome, are pregnant, have any existing heart issues, have any major vascular issues, have clots or have had a brain aneurysm, or have had a stroke cannot use cryotherapy. Medical conditions like seizures or stroke may be waived with a doctor’s permission.

No, however it helps with weight management. Clients may loose between 500 – 800 calories per session. 500 calories are approximately 1/7th of 1 lb of fat. So, theoretically, if someone had a session every day of the week, they could lose 1 lb  per week as long as they were maintaining their diet and exercise.

The cryosauna is one person at a time whereas the rooms can take multiple people. The single unit, therefore, is more private while rooms hold two or three people per session. Also, the cryosauna uses nitrogen whereas the room is refrigerated. Because we use gas, your head is outside the unit. This also means no uncomfortable masks and goggles.

They are like a 15 min massage for your legs and feet. They promote blood flow and help reduce lactic acid build up.

The localized is more effective than icing. It is quicker and penetrates deeper without the problems that arise when interrupting oxygen flow to the epidermis. However the WBC does so much more for recovery. The localized is a slightly longer process than WBC because it approximately is 100°F warmer.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.