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Purchase Policy

Payment will be charged before each service. A service if not used will last the duration of one year. If a client comes in after that one year, they will be able to use the amount paid towards a service of their choice. Unless directly specified on time of payment, services may only be used by the client who purchased them.

Memberships are for the duration of one year. Members will be auto billed the first of each month to the credit card given at time of purchase. Memberships may be used by all clients specified by the original membership holder in advance. If a client’s name is not listed on a membership they cannot use the membership services.


Cancellation / Suspension of Memberships

If a client is unable to safely participate in any of the service offered by Cryo Me for any lengthy duration, it is the client’s responsibility to inform a Cryo Me manager and cancel their membership in writing.

If a member has fulfilled their one-year agreement, members may cancel their membership payments and retain all remaining points. Unless expressly stated in the agreement, if the client cancels before the end of that year, Cryo Me reserves the right to charge back any promotions or discounts. There will be no roll overs or refunds for points not used.

Members may suspend their membership for one-month or three-month periods. A suspension must be filled out in writing at the Cryo Me location. Members will not have to pay during the suspension period as this time is not counted as part of the year agreement. The term of the suspension will be added to the length of the agreement so there is a total of 12 months of payment.  

Cancellation/ Late appointments

It is the responsibility of the client to inform Cryo Me if they are unable to make or late to an appointment. Cryo Me reserves the right to charge the full value of appointments missed or canceled within a 12-hour period of the appointment.

Late appointments may be rescheduled when the therapist or technician is available. If the is an improper amount of notice, the appoint ay be considered missed.

Late Payment Policy

Credit Card declines will be charged $10.00 fee. Members will be contacted a total of 3 times. If Cryo Me still unable to reach a member then the agreement will be considered cancelled. At that point if it is prior to the year term, the client will enter collection for back pay on services rendered at a discount.  Clients under the Cryo Contouring payment plan will be held to the same policy.

Refund / Satisfaction Policies

Cryo Me does not offer refunds. However, as part of Cryo Me’s satisfaction policy, if a client is unable to participate in a prepaid service (or does not see any effects) then Cryo Me will exchange it for a service of equal or lesser value.

Privacy Policy

Cryo Me is not HIPPA compliant but client’s privacy is respected. Any medical information given is not shared with anyone but the client (and parent when the client is a minor.) Cryo Me does not sell any personal information. All information collected is strictly used by Cryo Me and Mind Body to better advertise to future clients.

Device Policy

The tablets at Cryo Me are strictly used by clients to fill out the customer intake registration. The devices use a secure Wi-Fi and link directly to the MindBody booking software. A copy of the information is sent to the email provided. Cryo Me is not liable for any information leaked from potential hacks to Mind Body or the client’s personal email.  

Photo and Review Policy

Cryo Me may ask to use a client’s photo or likeness for the purpose of marketing. It is the client’s right to decline. The client may ask Cryo to stop using their image at any time. Clients are not entitled to any monetary compensation from the use of their image for Cryo Me marketing.

Social media reviews are solicited for the use of marketing and to better tailor the client’s experience. Once a review is posted, it becomes part of the public domain and Cryo Me may use it to advertise to future clients. All reviews, when used, will be used in full and not edited from their original content.

Terms & Conditions

Cryo Me reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.