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Oxygen Chamber

Cryo Me offers 60 minute Oxygen Chamber sessions at 1.3 times the normal atmospheric pressure. This allows blood to absorb 50% more oxygen than normal. The blood (plasma) can then transfer that higher oxygen content to injured organs and tissue to promote and speed recovery. Oxygen Chambers have also been used for stress reduction and to improve cognitive function.

But it’s not just about healing damaged tissues or increasing oxygen to the brain and tissues. Many athletes use Oxygen Chambers for athletic advantage pre and post competition. More oxygen to the tissues equals better performance! Oxygen Chambers are also used to decrease recovery time from training, thus helping to prevent chronic over-training injuries.

Cryo Me uses Mild-Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (mHBOT) which is a safe, low pressure pod. For best results it is recommended to do 40 hours of therapy in a 30 day period or 60 min five days a week.

HBOT (hyperbaric oxygen therapy) is an FDA approved drug that affects non-specific biological repair; in fact it is the only non hormonal FDA approved treatment known to repair and regenerate the human tissue. It does so at the DNA level by activating growth factors and reviving mitochondrial function. The Beneficial effects of HBOT apply no matter where a wound or injury is located in the body.

-Kenneth P. Stoller

Click here for a link to the abstract.

Oxygen Chambers have been shown to:

  • Speed up healing
  • Promote the immune system
  • Reduce internal swelling & inflammation
  • Encourage new blood vessels to grow
  • Stimulate cognitive function with neurogenesis
  • Increase collagen synthesis in tendons

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Cerebral Palsy


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