Cryo Contouring

Cryo Contouring

Cryo Me’s Cryo Contouring is a non-invasive treatment that uses extreme cold to constrict the blood vessels which in turn reduces fatty deposits without causing damage to other tissues. The technique consists of controlled warm and cold temperatures applied to the skin.

Our “cool-sculpting” procedure using Cryo T-Shock causes Lipolysis (the breakdown of fats and other lipids) and it induces Apoptosis withing the fat cell (a natural controlled cell death), reducing the thickness of the fat layer.

The chilly temperatures actually penetrate under the skin. Temperatures that are beneath freezing will trigger the fluids that bind fat cells together to crystallize which causes the cells to be destroyed. These destroyed cells are pulled into the bloodstream and your body will pass them through your lymphatic system and dispose of them through your sweat and urine.

Areas of the body that have a lot of fat also tend to have a poor blood supply. Our bloodborne hormones which naturally trigger Lipolysis are unable to reach the fat cells and can’t be broken down. With the use of cryo-stimulation, we are able to cool the surface of the skin rapidly. Our body reacts to this extreme cold by turning up the metabolic rate to produce heat. Blood flow is increased in the area due to blood vessels widening which allows the hormones in the blood to reach the fat cells and break down fat.

Of course, as with most techniques, the results vary from one person to another, and by no means do we state to perform a miracle. A healthy diet, hydration, and some form of physical activity help accelerate the benefits.