Whole Body Cryo Therapy – A Way to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Whole body cryotherapy (WBC) has been trending as a health and beauty procedure over the last few years. It has been purported in managing unbearable pain, reduces inflammation and speedy recovery post an injury, as well as helps in relieving the sore muscles after exercise, aid in weight loss, younger looking skin and improve mood.

Now what does cryotherapy means?

A Whole body cryotherapy, fundamentally means “cold treatment,” is basically a procedure in which the body is exposed to temperatures colder than negative 200 degrees F for two to four minutes.

Health Benefits of Cryotherapy

  • Reduces Inflammation

The cryo chambers used in the treatment increases the presence of anti-inflammatory proteins such as cytokines IL-6, IL-10, and IL-1ra. It also decreases the pro-inflammatory cytokine (protein) levels (IL-1α). Such changes lasted longer for the ones who have successfully completed some cold chamber sessions completely. This protein profile in combination with the restricted blood flow helps in reducing the exercise-induced inflammation in the body.

  • Helps in Rheumatic Disease

It refers to the condition that causes chronic pain in joints and muscles, mostly well-known as the rheumatoid arthritis. The cryo chamber treatment has proven to be highly effective as it reduces the pain, and improves well-being, and the functional impairment in the body.

  • Reduces Pain

Cryotherapy can do wonders if applied carefully. It helps in reducing the pain by decreasing the inflammation and improving the antioxidant imbalance. People who have undergone the cryo chamber treatment, it was observed an improvement in the pain relief.

  • Boost Immune System in a human body

You’ll be surprised to know but it can also help you in maintaining a good immune system. The whole-body cryotherapy increases the white blood cell count and other proteins which has both pro and anti-inflammatory effects to your body.

Cryo Therapy to Boost Immune System

  • Aids in Anxiety and Depression

People who are suffering from anxiety and depression can also go with cryotherapy and it is highly effective in healing psychological strain. The Whole Body Cryotherapy also known as the WBC treatment can led to lower the overall stress, except for the day-night mood fluctuations

Therefore, bringing cryotherapy in our lifestyle can help in incredible ways because of the benefits that it carries with the treatment it offers. The whole body cryotherapy is an effective method in managing the chronic pain issues, such as rheumatoid arthritis and has the ability to overcome the pain for the long term that can increase with each session. People who have attempted this treatment has also described it, as revitalizing, aiding in sleep and providing great energy throughout the day.

Why You Should Switch to A 15 Minutes Body Compression Session to Improve Blood Flow?

Why do many people prefer compression therapy to improve blood flow? Compression therapy is not a novel concept or new technique. No matter whether you are leading an active lifestyle or following a sedentary life; it offers many advantages to enhance the quality of life. When you undergo a 15 minute session at a reputed clinic, your arms, legs and hips are inflated repeatedly to increase blood flow to these areas with utmost efficiency.

Body Compression Session

Optimal increase of blood flow, better protection against blood pooling and varicose vein issues 

Compression therapy is one of the simplest and easiest ways of increasing blood flow. It is being done by strengthening vein support. Pressure is applied to legs, arms and hips on a gentle way. You can prevent the lactic acid buildup when you undergo this therapy. In addition to increasing venous blood flow, this method blood reduces pooling in an effective way. If you are experiencing varicose vein related issues, you can reduce the negative impact with the help of compression therapy.

Get rid of swelling and inflammation and sustain reparative processes

Swelling can be controlled to a certain extent with the help of this therapy. As mentioned earlier, it also prevents toxic substance build up. Inflammation is a common problem that several people have been experiencing nowadays. You can decrease inflammation in an efficient manner. Another advantage of compression therapy is the sustainability of reparative processes. It is commonly used to enhance the movements of joints and tendons as well.

Lead a healthy life with compression therapy

Why you should switch to 15 minutes body compression session to improve blood flow? All these benefits clearly explain why you need to undergo this therapy. Poor leg circulation in legs, arms and hips invite many health issues over a period of time. You can find a lot of people complaining about numbness, tingling sensation, pain, coldness, fatigue, skin color changes, and muscle cramping on legs and arms. The most common reason behind all these issues is low blood flow to these areas. This therapy restores optimal blood circulation to legs and arms to address the discomforts and make you a healthy person.

When you decide to undergo compression therapy, you must choose a renowned and trustworthy clinic. Top centers have a team of experienced professionals who have the expertise to perform body compressions in a systematic and effective manner to deliver optimal benefits for each patient.

Esthetician Services- Skin Care Science You Always Need

You always want cosmetic services as there are so many benefits it offers. It is all about making you look and feel good. You have to present a good image of yourself in front of world and your looks and appearances matter a lot. There are so many such services that you should know about and few of them we have mentioned below:

  • Facials:

These are common and people go with it to have a radiant skin. You should know about different kinds of facials available such as anti-aging facial, purifying facial and illuminating facial. This procedure is all about making use of innovative lightening and exfoliating technologies. It helps improve your complexion and make your skin look glowing and radiant.

If you are sick of pimples and acne, then purifying facial will work. This treatment is all about using powerful antibacterial and soothing botanicals ingredients. Anti aging facial will help get rid of wrinkles and dark spots?


  • Chemical peels:

This is an advanced treatment that is designed to offer a healthy and radiant look to your skin. This treatment includes various procedures such as wrinkle lift, acne lift, lightening lift, or medic lift and signature lift.

  • Teeth whitening services:

Your smile has the power to win the attention of crowd and you can have it by just using teeth whitening services. This is an advanced technique that is designed to remove discoloration and stains. It offers you white and bright teeth.

Facial, facelift, teeth whitening, chemical peels and many advanced beauty treatments are available and you should know science behind them so that you can choose the best treatment for yourself. There are so many other services that you should know. You can explore cryome.com to know more about such services and more.